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Hands are said to be “our business card”. In a free translation it means that hands say everything about us. In body language the hands’ gesture plays an important role, they can send a message beyond words. Hands’ care brings a significant contribution to our self-esteem and to the creation of a positive mood.


OPI and PEGGY-SAGE products used in the ritual of hand and foot care optimizes the look of hands through the effect they generate: the cuticles are moisturized by using oils and emollient lotions that also have the property of stimulating the regeneration of cells at the edge of the nail, the skin gets back its elasticity due to moisturizing creams and broken or yellowish nails that due to external factors such as water, wind, sunrays, detergents, cigarette smoke etc., become healthy again thanks to calcium-based serums and treatments against exfoliation.


Apart from classical manicure and pedicure we also offer SPA manicure and pedicure, which represents a modern system of care of hands, feet and nails by happily blending traditional principles of aromatherapy with modern techniques. Fruit and flower flavours, natural ingredients, essential oils and plant extracts are an excellent support for the care of hands and feet - the term "SPA" comes from the Latin expression "sanitas per aquam", which means health by water.


The thoroughness by which Roxana and Oana transform this ritual of manicure and pedicure into a real art resembles the art of serving tea in Japan, where details are essential.


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