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The type of complexion we have is genetically determined. Yet, whatever type of skin you can have a lightened skin with proper care.


A lightened and healthy complexion reflects the health of our body, by maintaining a clean and moisturized complexion we contribute to the maintenance of the health of our whole body. By removing comedons - black points, and the dead epidermic layer, by proper moisturization of complexion, by applying masks depending on the type of complexion and by making peelings, complexion breathes, has a lightened look and reflects our health and beauty.


The products for facial cosmetics we use are luxury mark SOTHYS Paris and PEGGY-SAGE Paris.


Here are a few steps to follow to have a beautiful skin:


Steam baths make skin sweat and the sweat removes impurities, dead cells and hard sebum. The heat intensifies blood circulation at the surface of the complexion, moisturizes and the skin has a better, more lightened tonus.


Exfoliation has the effect of removing dead cells, opening pores, improving circulation and feeding the complexion. After exfoliation the complexion remains fresh and lightened. The intervals when complexion exfoliation and masks are applied depend wholly on the type of complexion. For a grease complexion the interval is once a week, and for a dry and sensitive complexion, the frequency is every two weeks.


Masks are treatments with a lot of benefits for the complexion. They improve the colour and texture of the skin, clean deeply, remove dead cells and refresh tired skin. The skin of the cleavage must be cleaned daily with special products. For dry skin avoid using the soap, choose a fatter cleanser. The skin of the cleavage must enjoy the same treatment we apply weekly to the complexion by using a moisturizing and nourishing mask. Apply an exfoliation mask on the neck and cleavage skin once a week. Massage lightly with your hand, by spreading the product on the whole area, then rinse with lukewarm water.


After exfoliation apply a moisturizing and nourishing cream that feeds the skin, prevent it from dehydrating and wrinkling. The cleavage skin and neck skin wrinkle much faster than the complexion. For normal skin we recommend: a beauty body milk and massage with various vegetable oils. For fat skin, with fattening tendency we recommend refreshing and nourishing milks that diminish the sebum of the skin. If our cleavage suffers from small problems such as black points, pimples, rashes, avoid its exfoliation because it can damage and even worsen your affliction. Massage it with a nourishing cream. For dry skin, which has the strongest tendency for wrinkling, we recommend fat body creams enriched with vitamins.


The way our skin looks reveals to the other our features of character, state of mind and health.


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